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For the little ones, Spreety TV Online has created a new video highlighting tips and tricks for watching PBS Kids TV online.

To start, from the main Spreety TV Online site, select “TV Sites”, then “PBS Kids”. The PBS Kids video player will appear. The player defaults to the “Channels” tab. It is recommended to switch to the “Shows” tab. Each of the shows will randomly re-order each time the shows tab is selected, so if you do not see your show, use the down arrow to scroll for additional shows.

Once a show has been selected, it is recommended to click on the “Full Episodes” on the list. For each full episode, the player has a pause, slider bar for forward / rewind, a “Big” button for full screen, and a “CC” button for closed captions. When watching multiple full episodes in full screen, unfortunately, the PBS Kids player will reduce back down to the small size between episodes, so just be ready to click “Big” a second time.

The shows with full episodes online are Animalia, Arthur, Cyberchase, Dragonfly TV, The Electric Company, FETCH! with Ruff Ruffman, Fizzy’s Lunch Lab, Kratts’ Creatures, Martha Speaks, Maya & Miguel, Postcards from Buster, SciGirls, Wilson & Ditch Digging America, and Wordgirl.

As for PBS Sprout TV shows online, not much is available as full episodes on the PBS site. As alternatives, for Sesame Street, use the SesameStreet.org website, and for Caillou, use Netflix video on demand.

There’s plenty more to watch. If you would like to learn more about kids TV online, please visit the Spreety TV Online site, and look under TV Genres, Kids.


Written by Spreety co-founder, Ron Laughton. Spreety TV Online is a fun and free television guide for the Internet.

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  1. I think it would be fun for a kid. The following page has some good one too: Easy Magic Tricks for Kids

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